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DGYB Board Announces Townhall Meeting Date

            The DGYB Board of Directors will hold the annual townhall style general membership meeting on Thursday November 6, in the Lincoln Center Auditorium starting at 7:30 PM.


            The agenda includes; general program wide review by Chairman Dunn, year end financial review by Treasurer Sharwarko, business partner and sponsor recap by Vice-Chairman Gallagher and White Sox uniform and training program review by Secretary Riegler. Director Jay Mears will officiate the election of Vice-Chairman and Treasurer to new 2 year terms on the Executive Committee.


            All questions and comments from the audience will be addressed by the Chairman and board members. Please mark your calendars to attend this informative session. Surplus White Sox shirts and hats will be available after the meeting.



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DGYB Executive Committee Election 2014

For those with interest in becoming a candidate for either of the Executive Committee positions on the ballott, Vice-Chairman or Treasurer, please contact Election Committee Chairman Mears at the email link below. Thank You.







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