Welcome to DGYB Youth Leagues, ages 9 - 12

Introduction to the Youth League

Ballplayers ages 9 through 12 play baseball in the DGYB Youth Leagues. Baseball age is determined by the players age as of August 31 (following the spring season).

DGYB Youth Leagues progress in difficulty and complexity from A to AAA levels. At all levels we emphasize player development rather than win-at-all costs. Our pitching rules are set to encourage pitching by as many players as possible, as well as to protect the arms of our young players. Player safety is paramount in DGYB.

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUTH LEAGUE TEAMS ARE NOT BASED ON THE PLAYERS' SCHOOL.  Youth League has three levels (or divisions) as described below. Teams are drafted by the managers at each level, and schools attended are not a determining factor. 

Single A
Age:  9

  • Players pitch and walks are issued on four balls
  • (No coach pitching in Single A)
  • Players are allowed to steal with limitations
  • The base paths are 60 feet and the pitching distance is 46 feet

All 9-year olds are expected to attend an evaluation in early March before teams are selected. Parents will be notified in February with the time, date, and place for 9-year old evaluations. The results of the evaluations are used to help draft players for the Single A teams.  At the end of each season players are evaluated by their managers and those evaluations are used to help draft our AA and AAA teams the following spring. We hope to have teams selected prior to spring break.

Ages: 10 & 11

  • Base paths are 65 feet
  • Pitching distance is 46 feet
  • Stealing second and third bases is allowed

Ages: 11 &  12

  • Base paths are 70 feet
  • Pitching distance is 48 feet
  • Most of the rules of 'real' baseball are followed: dropped third strikes are in play, runners may steal any base, and balks are called

Introduction to the Season

Teams are formed before school spring breaks and practice begins immediately after spring break ends.  The Youth Leagues play approximately twenty games in-season from the beginning of May through the end of June.

While the emphasis in-season is on development, in early July the A, AA, and AAA levels of both leagues hold double elimination playoff tournaments that are highly competitive and an exciting way to finish the season. The playoffs finish by mid-July.

Other keys seasonal items to note:

  • We open up the season with a parade in Downtown Downers Grove that will proceed the start of opening day games later that morning.
  • Games and practices are not scheduled for Memorial Day weekend.
  • In June the Chicago White Sox and DGYB hold a DGYB night at a Sox home game. Discounted tickets are available through the player's DGYB team. This is a great family and team event.
  • DGYB is a volunteer organization.  Managers, coaches and other team assistants are parents and relatives of our players, serving as volunteers to lead and teaching these young players about baseball.  If you are interested in managing a team, coaching players or helping to organize the team needs, please let us know when you register.


League supplies player uniforms consisting of a

  • cap
  • jersey
  • pants
  • socks

Players are recommended to wear protective cups.

Each team has a supply of batting helmets, but players may use their own: ALL batting helmets must have a safety cage or "C-Flap."

Team bats are provided and players may use their own bats; beginning in 2019 bats with barrel diameters of 2 5/8" are allowed as long as the bat has a "USABat" stamp. Bats with  2 1/4" diameter previously allowed will still be allowed in 2019 without a USABat stamp. 

See the Youth League Rules for the pertinent rules for your player.