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DGYB Weather Policy

Downers Grove Youth Baseball
Weather Policy
Effective: July 11, 2004

The Board of Directors of Downers Grove Youth Baseball (DGYB) officially adopts this “Lightning Policy” to act as its official notice of conduct during inclement weather. It is the intention of this policy to “stop play” and vacate players, coaches and spectators from any field where DGYB baseball is played when either thunder is heard or lightning is visible or poses a threat to safety.

This policy will be in effect during any official game or practice or at any gathering or other DGYB activity. All leagues and teams that operate under the DGYB umbrella must comply with this policy.

Any board member, manager or coach who observes severe weather shall immediately notify the “Umpire” who shall immediately “stop” play. An umpire may also “stop” play at anytime if they feel the fields are not playable or weather conditions are unacceptable.

Once notification is given, play must be stopped immediately. All players, coaches and spectators shall leave the playing field and take shelter. No player or coach shall remain in the dugout or on the playing field. Play may be resumed only after a minimum 20 minute wait after the last sighting of lightning or clap of thunder is heard and the weather is no longer a threat.

In the event of no Board Member, designated official or Umpire is present, such as at a practice, the manager or team representative in charge shall be responsible for abiding by and enforcing this policy.

A copy of this policy will be distributed to each team manager and it will be the
manager’s responsibility to communicate this policy to coaches, parents and players.

Any manager, coach or umpire who fails to comply with this policy will be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the DGYB Board of Directors.