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Umpire Program

Training Requirements

Umpires are required to attend ALL training sessions for their level.  

New Umpires should attend A level clinics.  Please attend AA if you miss or plan on missing one of the scheduled A clinics. 

Umpires under the age of 14 MUST have a parent/guardian at the field when they work a game for the entire game.  This is a department of Labor requirement.

All umpires under the age of 16 must submit a valid work permit each calendar to DGYB,  Please refer to the 2020 Work Permit Letter at the bottom of this page.

To register for 2021, please send an email with Umpire name, birthdate and email address to:


The Registration "Umpire Program" is not currently available.

2021 Umpire Clinics

Umpire clinics will be held via zoom starting Thursday February 25th. All umpire clinics will be conducted via zoom in March on Thursday evenings.  We will move to outdoor clinics as weather permits in April. All dates and times will be sent to registered umpires. 

Melissa Mears

Director, Umpire Development