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Welcome to DGYB Babe Ruth Baseball!

This league is divided into 3 divisions 

  • Prep 13
  • American League
  • National League


American League (AL) / National League (NL)


These 2 divisions are comprised of 14-16yr olds (if no Prep 13 then 13-16yr old). Players in this age group are drafted to 1 of 5 combines for the remainder of their Babe Ruth experience. The combine practices together for the month of April and then, before the first week of May, the combine is split into 2 teams. The first team will play in the American League and the other will play in the National League. The AL begins playing during the first week of May and plays approximately 2 games per week until the middle of July. It generally consists of mostly 13 & 14yr olds and offers a great arena for players to hone their skills while still enjoying competitive play The NL consists of mostly 15 & 16yr olds High school players and other older players play in this more skilled division.

Both AL & NL divisions play with MLB rules with a few local house rules to help speed up the games. The continuous batting order is no more and the field is regulation size at 60½ foot pitching mound and 90 foot bases. The outfield is deeper and the games are longer. DGYB provides the hats, pants, belts and socks.

House Rules


Prep 13 (available in Fall)

This division is made up solely of 13yr olds. It serves as a great transition from the youth leagues to the larger fields and MLB rules of the Babe Ruth league. This division offers the following:

  • Metal cleats!
  • 54 foot pitcher's mound
  • 80 foot baselines
  • Continuous batting order
  • Unlimited substitutions

DGYB provides pants and socks and the Chicago White Sox provide the jersey and the hat! 

All Prep 13 games are played at majestic Gilbert Park.