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Spring 2020 Registration is open.

To register, click on the baseball image on the right.

Welcome to the 2020 Spring Season for Downers Grove Youth Baseball (DGYB).  DGYB offers 4 Baseball Leagues for children ages 6 through 16. The Leagues are divided among age groups specified below. More information about the Leagues can be found at the Leagues webpage.


For Instructional (Ages 6-7), Rookie (Age 8), and Youth Leagues (Ages 9-12) the baseball age is based on the player's age as of August 31, 2020.  DGYB Babe Ruth Prep 13 includes all players who will be 13 as of August 31, 2020. For ages 14-16 Babe Ruth League still follows the national organization age cutoff of April 30, 2020.

Instructional (Ages 6-7), Rookie (Age 8), and Youth (Ages 9-12) Leagues will close on February 29, 2020. After that date, players will be waitlisted. Babe Ruth Registration will stay open until March 21. For players at all levels who register after February 29 a $15 late registration fee will apply.

Refunds will be issued only for players withdrawing prior to March 1. 


Spring 2020 Fees

Birthdate From

Birthdate To


2020 Baseball Age

Fee through 2/29/2020

Fee starting 3/1/2020

2013- 09-01 2014-08-31 Instructional       6      $135      $150
2012- 09-01 2013-08-31 Instructional       7      $135      $150
2011- 09-01 2012-08-31 Rookie       8         $170      $185
2010- 09-01 2011-08-31 Youth       9      $190      $205
2009- 09-01 2010-08-31 Youth      10      $190      $205
2008- 09-01 2009-08-31 Youth      11      $190      $205
2007- 09-01 2008-08-31 Youth      12      $190      $205
2006- 05-01 2007-08-31 Babe Ruth      13      $255      $270
2005- 05-01 2006-04-30 Babe Ruth      14      $255      $270
2004- 05-01 2005-04-30 Babe Ruth      15      $255      $270
2003- 05-01 2004-04-30 Babe Ruth      16      $255      $270


Players who live outside district 99 boundaries pay a $40 DG Park District Fee.

Email contacts

Our normal email server is experiencing difficulty. While we work on a resolution, please email us at

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Bat Rules for ages 9 - 12, North and South Youth Leagues (A, AA, AAA)

All new bats that bear the USABaseball licensing mark are permissible for play in the DGYB Youth Leagues (A, AA, AAA). Barrels may have a diameter of 2 1/4 inches to 2 5/8 inches.

Bats that were previously allowable in DGYB Youth Leagues with diameters limited to 2 1/4 inches will still be permissible in 2020.

Bat rules for Babe Ruth (Ages 13-16) allow bats marked with the USABaseball mark or "BBCOR .50" mark, limited to 2 5/8 barrel diameter.

If you have questions email

2019 Dates

Some Dates for the 2019 Fall Season

Monday, August 12 Registration closes

Thursday, August 22- Notification about team assignments

Monday, August 26- Practices begin

Saturday, September 7- Games begin (games on Saturdays and Sundays only)

Sunday, October 13- Last day for games


Many Thanks to those members that attended the annual General Membership Meeting on Sunday May 19th.

Outgoing Chairman Chris Dunn recapped the early portion of the 2019 spring season where our expanding player/coach skill development opportunities included our initial outdoor session with Sox Academy instructors. Saturday April 20 all DGYB teams ages 8-16 were on the field with Academy instructors for skill training. Feedback from those taking part has been very positive.

Chairman Dunn presented Development league president Chris MacKenna with a Life Time Achievement Award for his incredible and irreplaceable service to the community. Director MacKennas' contributions have changed youth baseball in our community forever. Too numerous to list here, a singular focus on keeping the player experience fun and parents engaged has led to strong participation that drives DGYB year after year.

Treasurer Jim Sharwarko presented an up to the minute financial recap.

Director Rob Rooney supervised an election of officers to the Executive Committee that includes a new Chairman of the Board Mr. James Tremmel. Many Thanks to Director Rooney.

Incoming Chairman Tremmel then presented outgoing Chairman Chris Dunn with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding leadership and commitment to excellence over a decade of selfless service. Chris will remain on the board as Director of Park District Relations.

Chairman Tremmel concluded the event with a pledge to continue the legacy of excellence that former Chairman Gelwicks, Sharwarko and Dunn have brought to the organization.

Please consider supporting your community by volunteering to serve the DGYB membership.

Thank You

DGYB Executive Committee